Chris Tate and Spittin Image of Mom "Pally"

Rachel Tate on Bob's Copper Rose "Copper"

"We love Hearty Hoof ™ the best hoof product on the market made by the best farrier in East Tennessee."


- Chris Tate, Sweetwater, Tennessee



"We don't use anything else for our horses hoof needs. Hearty Hoof ™ is the best."


- Rachel Tate, Sweetwater, Tennessee


"I have been using Hearty Hoof ™ for a long time. The application is easy and the results are quick. I tried everything for my horses feet and nothing worked. So when my farrier wanted me to try it, I did, and I haven't looked back. "Its Great".

"I have an appendix bred quarter horse and sometimes his feet weren't in the best condition. My farrier wanted me to try "Hearty Hoof ™". It works great and now every horse in the barn has it on their feet once a week. We wouldn't do without it at our barn. Thanks so much."


- Chris Tate, Sweetwater, Tennessee


"Hearty Hoof ™ is an excellent product, it has been a life saver for our horse Kaylee. Thank you!"


- Ryan Jurgensmeyer, MS LVMT, Maryville Small Animal Medical Center, Maryville, Tennessee

Cody Turner, Ten Mile, Tennessee

Buddy Pate , Dothan, Alabama

"Cutting horses are athletes. The horses I train have to be sound. A hoof crack could set us back several months. The results of Hearty Hoof ™ have been wonderful in maintaining sound healthy feet for our program."


- Buddy Pate , Dothan, Alabama (right)




"Hi! I've been using Hearty Hoof on my Paint mare for about 9 months now, and what a difference!
She's gone from having soft, shelly hooves with hardly any growth to hard but pliable hooves that are now growing at an "almost normal" rate.


- Patti, Greenback, Tennessee

"Approximately seven months ago my barefoot Morgan mare exhibited soft frogs, soles, and heels . Hearty Hoof was a new product to me, and I chose to try it simply for ease of use, versus application
of a copper based product to dry the frogs utilized along with a messy sole sealant to harden the soles.

For approximately two months, I applied Hearty Hoof (no other products) daily to the frog, heels, sole, and coronary band. The desired results were simply amazing, and in fact, her feet have never looked better (I've owned the mare for over 14 years).

I now apply Hearty Hoof every three or four days (in the same fashion) to maintain her now healthy hoof balance. Using Hearty Hoof has totally eliminated my use of any other hoof products, and the light application necessary makes Hearty Hoof very economical to use."


- Karen Jo Smith, Knoxville, Tennessee

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