Hoof Canker— A hypertrophic proliferation of undifferentiated epithelia of the frog and surrounding sole cause unknown.

Treatment— Apply to canker area, cover with gauze and wrap until healing progresses and then keep foot dry and continue to apply to affected areas.


Laminitis— An inflammation of the laminae of the foot.


Founder— an inflammation of the laminae of the foot, normally a different stage than laminitis, usually the hoof wall has detached from the laminae of the foot.


Thrush— A necrotic infection of the frog-hoof bacteria. This is usually a result of unsanitary footing wither in a stall or turnout.

Treatment— Remove as much of infected area as possible, apply Hearty Hoof and in severe cases apply wrap, in less severe cases apply Hearty Hoof once a day.


Hoof Cracks— Cracks are identified as heel, toe, or quarter cracks. Hoof cracks can be caused by hoof gravel, improper trimming of the foot, laminitis, founder, white line disease, hoof wall separation or a severe blow to the foot, hoof trauma-cuts in the coronary band. They can be horizontal or vertical.

Treatment— Hoof should be trimmed properly and Hearty Hoof applied to the crack and coronary band above it. Clean the hoof and apply to bottom of foot.


Gravel— Caused by a small foreign object working from the ground up and coming our at the coronary band causing an abscess, usually a horizontal crack will grow out of the foot from the coronary band down to the ground.

Treatment— Apply to the crack.


White Line Disease— Hoof wall separation usually cause the Thrush, Bacteria, and unsanitary footing condition. The white line dies from the bacteria and then hoof wall separation occurs. A resection of the hoof wall is usually required so the disease doesn't get worse.

Treatment— Apply to the infected area and coronary band until new hoof is grown out.


Hoof Wall Separation— Normally caused by the following: White line disease, founder, severe hoof cracks, abscess and gravel.

Treatment— Apply to affected area.


Hoof Abscess - Can be caused from unsanitary footing, thrush, gravel, laminitis and founder, hoof canker, a foreign object in the foot, or a quik from a nail, and possibly a hoof corn.

Treatment— In severe cases, apply Hearty Hoof to area of the abscess and wrap foot. After the horse is sound continue to apply and keep horse in clean and dry stall.


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