Great for horse hoof care including;

Abscesses , Cracking , Wall separation , Thrush , Bacteria , Canker , Corn , Gravel , White Line Disease , Laminitis , Founder Lameness

And More!

Hearty Hoof™ is a hoof healing agent.

No Foot, No Horse.

With proper foot care and use of this product, the results are very beneficial.

Hoof problems can develop even with the best kept horse, however, don't let these problems keep your performance horse or even your backyard horse in the barn.

Hearty Hoof ™ strengthens hoof walls and promotes new growth in the hoof.

"Now I submit that the first thing a man who owns a horse should obtain is knowledge of the foot and the best method of protecting is; because it is the foot and the condition of it on which depends the value of the animal, whether he be kept for pleasure or profit. ...A horse without sound feet is no horse at all."

- W.H. Murray in "The Perfect Horse," 1873


No Foot, No Horse.

Hearty Hoof™ is a hoof healing agent.

Can be used with the following:

Tender Sole, soft frogs, stone bruises, hoof abscess or for feet that have been trimmed too short. Apply daily to entire sole.

White Line Disease, thrush, seedy toe, hoof wall separation, hoof rot or anytime the hoof wall has resection. Apply to area of disease and coronary band daily.

Hoof cracks (quarter, toe, heel) gravel. Apply to entire hoof including crack and coronary band daily to help speed hoof wall growth.

Abscess and hoof canker, after infection has been removed. Apply daily to help harden the soft area and promote new growth.

Founder and Laminitis - Apply to the sole to help harden and strengthen anytime the hoof wall has resection. Also, apply to area of disease and coronary band daily to promote new growth.

Hearty Hoof™ keeps the hoof healthy and the horse happy.




Hearty Hoof™ is a product trusted by farriers and vets alike,
used in the field for a variety of hoof problems.


Hearty Hoof™ is a hoof conditioner not a "sealer,” concentrating more to keep hoof pliable, promoting better hoof wall strength, reducing drying hoof out which causes cracking and flaking.

When used daily on the coronet band, Hearty Hoof™ helps develop a hearty, healthy hoof and assist in making several common problems disappear: brittle, shelly or cracked hoof walls, White Line Disease, seedy toe and hoof cracks.

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